Long Beach Data Center is locally owned and operated by a team of handpicked individuals with exceptional information technology backgrounds. Long Beach Data Center has a full-time team composed of system administrators, network engineers, information systems analysts, graphic designers and web and software developers. Long Beach Data Center is fully staffed and equipped to handle the needs of your company. Whether is it a first time build out or company expansion, you can ensure that the team at Long Beach Data Center will be knowledgeable, dependable, and helpful every step of the way.

You can count on our staff to ensure that your data stays safe, equipment remains running,
and you are delivered the best in class customer service, any time, all the time.

Hosting a server and keeping it in a specialized environment is a lot more work than it sounds. Servers in normal operating conditions generate a lot of heat, this meant that the area where these servers are housed must be temperature controlled to ensure that the equipment is not damaged because of overheating. The air must be filtered and free of debris to ensure that the server are not exhausting dust into itself. There must be multiple power sources in the event of a power failure or surge to ensure that it does not corrupt the server’s data.

The Long Beach Data Center is built to withstand most forces of nature. Never again have to fret about keeping your servers cooled as our facility is equipped with industry leading computer room air conditioning with an N+1 infrastructure that ensures that our systems have redundancy. Our Data Center is equipped with two stage fire protection better known as the Pre-Action and FM-200 system, in case of emergency. We provide multiple sources of power that range from a direct power feed from Southern California Edison, backup UPS systems, and a generator that can power the building on a full load for more than 15 days.

Our professionals will take care of your servers and provide optimal operating condition.
You can have peace of mind that your data is there when you need it.

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The Long Beach Data Center extensive networking solutions and up to 6,000 ft2 of suitable space are securely designed to house servers, antennas, and providing comprehensive protection, performance and reliability for your business.

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The Long Beach Data center is proud to provide customized solutions
to meet a wide range of business requirements.
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