Hosting a server and keeping it in a specialized environment is a lot more work than it sounds. Servers in normal operating conditions generate a lot of heat, this meant that the area where these severs are housed must be temperature controlled to ensure that the equipment is not damaged because of overheating. The air must be filtered and free of debris to ensure that the server are not exhausting dust into itself. There must be multiple power sources in the event of a power failure or surge to ensure that it does not corrupt the server’s data.

The Long Beach Data Center network security solutions provide broad protection service, performance and reliability for networks backed by highly proficient experts in the field.

  • Personnel 24/7
  • Steel screens over windows, limited entry points
  • Biometric and encrypted card key authentication required to access the Data Center
  • Intrusion alarms and video surveillance

fire protection

  • Multi-zoned pre-action sprinklers installed for office and data spaces
  • VESDA early warning smoke detection
  • FM-200 gaseous fire suppression system


Uninterruptible conditioned service is a key requirement for database environment. Any unexpected outages can occur without warning, even with stable Southern California Edison power. Through the use of large UPS’s and backup generator, the Long Beach Data Center eliminates any possible power issues. The UPS power is designed with changeover switches installed so maintenance can be completed on the UPS without any outage.

  • Southern California Edison power feeds
  • Dedicated UPS System
  • Existing 750kW indoor generator—equates to 15 days of generator run time at full load
  • Contracts in place for additional fuel deliveries as needed
  • Concurrently maintainable
  • Generator backup
  • Fuel storage onsite


The building was originally constructed as a telecommunication central office and extensively upgraded multiple times to stay current with changing technology. The Long Beach Data Center has diverse and redundant telecom service by multiple carriers with dual entrance facilities.

The Long Beach Data Center keeps your business operations up and running as a full-time job.

  • XO Communications inside the building
  • Fiber paths from Verizon, AT&T, Telepacific (CLEC) and Charter Fiber serve the building from a separate overhead pole
  • Fiber path from Edison Carrier Solutions
  • Diverse underground entry points into the building
  • Dedicated connectivity with One Wilshire and Equinix Downtown Los Angeles
  • Multiple carrier Fiber paths from Downtown Los Angeles available by request
  • Available detailed report prepared by FiberLocator in 2012 with telecommunication providers, pathways and installed services into and near the building


The year-round moderate coastal Long Beach area climate makes the Data Center building suitable for implementation of energy efficient cooling designs, utilizing the current industry best practice technology of maximizing outside air economization, or with direct or indirect evaporative cooling. The Long Beach Data Center is able to operate using “free cooling” for as much as 7,900 hours per year, or 90% of the year on average.

  • 9 Liebert upflow DX CRACs, N+1 setup
  • Rooftop air-cooled condensers
  • Significant roof space is available for cooling equipment upgrade
  • Concurrently maintainable

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