The Long Beach Data Center is a successful network provider aimed at administering resources, ensuring uptime efficiency and optimization the stability, unsurpassed service and safety of your assets. The Data Center is located in central Long Beach area and connections are available to multiple 10 GB direct paths to Equinix and One Wilshire with the lowest latency, as well as other providers accessing to the Data Center from multiple entry points.

long beach data center network services

We want our customers to experience all the benefits of colocation, including customized space, greater bandwidth, access to servers at all times, and dedicated and managed services backed by reliable data center infrastructure. World-class IT specialists are available 24/7 to help you in achieving your business goals and establish a dominant web presence.


We are continually cautious. Our watchful IT team discovers and resolves potential issue
before it disturbs any process. Our monitoring tools includes:

  • Monitoring is available for network and essential services such as SMTP, POP3, HTTP, NNTP and PING
  • Monitoring of host resources is available such as processor load, disk and memory usage
  • Notification via your choice of phone, text or email

Wireless Antenna Hosting

Long Beach Data Center offers wireless antenna or dish colocation, ground station hosting, satellite hosting or colocation service with roof space. Whatever the requirement, Long Beach Data Center can accommodate a wide range of antennas. We host your antennas at 50’ rooftop level, in a highly secure area. Our rooftop colocation space includes a complete secure server room, with fire suppression and N+1 HVAC systems. We can accommodate up to 2,000 lb server racks, with power and network requirements built to order.

Greater Bandwidth

The Long Beach Data Center provides upwards of a 10GB fiber backbone for clients
with an option to scale and customize service and speed to your company’s needs.

IPV4 Address Allocation

IP addresses are available with full package service for customers.

DNS Hosting

Park your domain here with us on our DNS servers or add redundancy to your DNS structure
by hosting your DNS names on our servers.

Website Development

Besides hosting and managing your valuable data, we offer service for the development of powerful websites
and advancing existing applications with extensive search engine optimization and marketing advice
to drive more traffic to your site and business.

Custom Solutions

We analyze your technologies and applications and provide unique network solutions
to boost your business productivity and enhance your competitive advantage.

The Long Beach Data center is proud to provide customized solutions
to meet a wide range of business requirements.
For a free consultation, please contact us at (562) 284-5433.

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